We are a traditional-style car club, and very family oriented. No billet and no trailer queens! All our members build their own rides.
The "Alley Cats" name is in memory of Clyde Sr. He was a truck driver from the '60s through the '80s. His passion was old cars, the junkier the better, and he built them himself! His CB handle was "Alley Cat."

*Our Club Members*
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Clyde Brown & Kathleen(son Andrew): President ~ '55 Chevy, '57 Chevy, '51 Merc, and '53 Ford Business Coupe.
Jake BryantVice President ~ '61 Ford Unibody Truck, '54 Buick Super, '50 Ford Crestliner, and '50 Ford Business Coupe gasser. 
Rory Peters: '65 Ford Truck and '53 Buick Special.
Corey Bolen & Monica: '28 Ford Model A. 
Jerry Bryant & Becca: (son Jake, daughter Raechel): '63 Ford Fairlane and '63 Ford Unibody Truck. 
Rick Cary (wife Krystal, daughter Kadence ): '64 Chevy Biscayne and '64 Ford Truck. 
Kenny​​ Brazelton: '64 Ford Falcon.
Scott Edwards (wife Christine and sons): '61 Plymouth Fury.
Howard Bancroft: '62 Ford Galaxie, original owner.
Bo Ahlgren (wife Seleana, daughter Ella): '63 Chevy C10 Truck and '50 Chevy Styleline Deluxe.​​​


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To view photos from the Sacramento Raceway Car Show on the 9th of Oct 2011
We build 'em, We drive 'em!
  Sacramento, CA
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To view photos of our 1st annual car show at California Burgers
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